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Hi, This is Simran!

I create Impactful
Digital Experiences


I help businesses to design intuitive and meaningful experiences. I enjoy working on complex problems and providing innovative solutions with design methodologies, intuitive research and design thinking.



A problem well stated
is a problem half solved

- Charles Kattering


Startt, A Productivity hack!

A platform helps people to set a managed and productive tone at the beginning of the day that helps them stick to their goals throughout the day.

Dr Online

A Telehealth application based on common technology of video consultation which promotes ethical integrity. The app connects patient with doctors to provide consultation through the app


Case Study

Breaking down and learning the customer experience 

at Netflix!


Redesigning the yogic experience

This project showcases the collaborative interactive media project experience and user experience design skillset for redesigning a website.


Project coming soon..


Design Experiments

Let's Connect!

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